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The Interview Kit is a comprehensive guide to getting a job in product design.

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Everything you need to know to land a product design job, from the resume to the on-site. All packaged into a delightful little guide.

Build a portfolio

Learn how to level up your portfolio and how to showcase your work like a pro.

Craft your case studies

Show employers compelling stories about your best design work.

Solve design challenges

Know what to expect with technical evaluations like design challenges and app critiques.

Ace the interviews

Detailed guides to on-site interviews, screener calls, hiring manager 1:1s, and more.

Goes down easy

Created in Figma with tons of juicy examples and visuals.

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Thumbnail of a page of text and images Thumbnail of a page of text and images
Thumbnail of a page of text and images Thumbnail of a page of text and images

Eight chapters of guides, examples, tips & tricks that'll help you land your next (or first) role as a product designer. Written with expert insight about the interview process.

Great for early-career designers

Looking for your first internship or full-time job? No problem – this kit is created with you in mind.

...And also more experienced ones

Even if you've interviewed before, The Interview Kit is the perfect refresher for your next job hunt.

Craft your story & stand out

Interviewing is all about telling a story. Learn how to tell a great one.

Image of pages from a Notion document containing snippets from the product

Learn how to tell stories about your work and design experience. Get inspired by examples from great designers and companies.

Your interviewing cheat sheet

Get insights on the questions you'll be asked in every interview, and how to answer them.

Make your story stand out

Most designers tell the same stories about their work. Learn how to tell yours like an expert.

See what’s inside

Eight chapters of delicious detail.

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Build the portfolio

  • Tools for building portfolios
  • Why portfolios are important
  • What makes a portfolio great
  • Who portfolios are for
  • 50+ inspiring portfolios
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Craft the case study

  • How to choose your projects
  • Writing compelling stories
  • Visualizing the work
  • Example case study breakdowns
  • Case study inspiration
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Portfolio presentations

  • Introducing yourself
  • Selecting projects to present
  • Structuring the presentation
  • Presentation slide examples
  • How you’re evaluated
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Resumes & cover letters

  • Communicating projects and work experience
  • Tips on clear & concise writing
  • Nailing the visual design
  • Examples & breakdowns
  • Writing cover letters
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Find & apply to jobs

  • Where to find design jobs
  • Assessing potential job fit
  • Determining where to apply
  • Avoiding the ‘cold apply’
  • Staying sane while applying
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Tackle the behavioral interview

  • Types of interviews you'll face & why
  • Methods of answering questions
  • Extensive example questions for each interview
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Design challenges

  • Solving whiteboard challenges
  • Approaching app critiques
  • The take-home challenge
  • Why they exist and how you’re evaluated
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The offer stage

  • Determining your target comp
  • How to research real salary figures
  • Negotiating compensation
  • Asking for references
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Hello! My name is Oliver.

I’m a Senior Product Designer at Handshake and graduate of University of Washington’s Master of Human-Computer Interaction + Design program. I created this guide because it’s something I wish I had when I was breaking into product design.

Throughout my years in design, I’ve been fortunate enough to interview with dozens of different companies and also help interview countless product design candidates. This kit is intended to share my experience and advice from being on both sides of the interview process.

This kit is also informed by research and discussions with recruiters, design managers, and other product designers. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to reach out to me at oliverengel6@gmail.com.